Tarot Readings
Intuitive Tarot
  • Tom came for a reading after his birthday. He was curious about what might be in store for him in the next year.
  • Cheryl wanted some guidance on dealing with an adult child having some physical issues.
  • Sandra wanted information on her romantic life.
Even though each person had a different reason for requesting a reading, they all benefited in the same way.
•Information gleaned from the readings provided a base on which to make decisions.
  • They felt their concerns were heard.
  • Readings covered other areas of their lives.
  • They heard what they needed to hear sometimes it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.
  • They were comfortable and at ease.
  • There is always a laugh or two.

Most readings are conducted via Zoom. In-person readings are available upon request. Go to the Let's Get Started page to make an appointment.