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Cycle Breakers, Intl, LLC., presents BravHERy a women's two day experiential transformational and leadership workshop. BravHERy is dedicated to being a safe place where we encourage, empower and educate women.

  • Date: 3/9/2024 09:00 AM - 3/10/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location Worcester State University (Map)
  • More Info: Student Center

Price: $250


Ladies wear so many hats from being a mother, wife, partner, worker, entrepreneur, CEO's and more. We women do so much, it is in our nature.  Therefore it is imperative we take time to reach inside where true joy, love and freedom live.  

At BravHERy women get to release, reset, recharge, realign and reignite and truly become the best and blessed version of themselves, now. All ladies 18 and above who have a desire to grow and improve their lives are welcomed.

BravHERy training offers women the unique opportunity to acquire tools and techniques to support themselves in becoming better mothers, employees, entrepreneurs, & CEOs.  In addition to reconnecting with family, improving relationships, re-imagining businesses, and clarifying their vision for their lives. Graduates have learned to reconnect with their true selves. Transforming their health and wellness. Creating new business opportunities and recognizing their potential for greatness.